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WikiLeaks: the art edition

27 May

On Angela Bulloch’s Manifesto, Information, Rules and Other Leaks… at the Berlinische Galerie for Frieze…

Installation view


4 Oct

In his letters to Anais Nin, Henry Miller writes that he will be sending her a gift, noting that in German, the word means “poison”, with one or several exclamation marks. In Berlin, Yoko Ono stages an exhibition on the subject. We spoke about magic, science, evil, world peace and learning giraffe.

Postcard from Istanbul

1 Oct

“I didn’t do this. You did.”
On Istanbul’s September 21 Tophane gallery attacks for Frieze…

Perform! Art

25 Jul

With Stuart Brisley at EXILE for the Exberliner

Image Courtesy and Copyright of the Artist


6 May

On Olafur Eliasson’s Innen Stadt Außen, for the EXBERLINER

Money? For nothing…

28 Apr

Interview with Mathew Hale for EXBERLINER on **WACHT SCHATZ** at Wentrup


24 Apr

Speaking to Angela Bulloch for the ExBerliner